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Adult Programs

The Sheriff's Office conducts a variety of educational and safety-related programs for residents of all ages. For more information on any of the following programs, please contact the Community Outreach Unit at 201-336-3540.

Individual Programs (available to all Bergen County residents)

College Internships

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office offers a variety of internship opportunities to qualified high school and college students to give them real working experience in the field of law enforcement. Participating students work in a variety of settings in Bergen County’s largest law enforcement agency while enhancing his or her own individual talents and skills.

To be eligible for an internship with the Bergen County Sheriff's Office, applicants MUST:

  • Be a current resident of or attend school in Bergen County
  • Be enrolled in a high school or college internship program
  • Contact your high school or college internship coordinator to ensure that all school requirements will be met

**Prior to submitting an application, please call the Community Outreach Unit at 201-336-3540 to ensure we are accepting applications for the semester in which you are interested.**

Internship Application​

Senior Greeters Volunteer Program

Hundreds of visitors enter the Bergen County Justice Center every day, some to resolve legal issues others just to serve their time as a petit juror. Senior Greeter Volunteers are needed to assist these people in reaching their destinations within the facility. Full and part-time positions are available.


Citizens Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy is designed to give the public a working knowledge and understanding of the values, goals, objectives and operations of our organization. This comprehensive instruction covers different areas routinely addressed by law enforcement. Classes are formulated to incorporate an interactive format, providing participants with a “hands-on” experience whenever practical. Additionally, citizens bring a wealth of knowledge about their community and particularly the problems in their neighborhoods. In this way, officers learn firsthand the concerns of its citizens by interacting with them in a positive, non-confrontational manner.


Mounted Deputy Unit

The Mounted Deputy Unit is comprised of volunteers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions. The members of the Mounted Unit are united by their passion for horses and motorcycles, as well as for their desire to be of service to society. The activities in which the Unit participates throughout the year include appearances at numerous parades, town fairs, community events and ceremonial functions.

Group Programs (available to community or school groups)

Personal Safety Presentations

The Sheriff's Office conducts presentations for groups on topics such as identity theft, Internet safety, prom safety and more. Please call the Community Outreach Unit at 201-336-3540 to discuss your needs.

Gold Star ID Program

he Gold Star Identification Program provides first responders with vital medical information in the event of an emergency. Participants are issued a photo identification card, which corresponds to a file maintained by the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office’s 24-Hour Operations Unit. The program is available for county residents over the age of 65 and individuals with autism.


Application*(*For groups of 25 or more individuals)

Gang Awareness Presentations

Gang activity in New Jersey affects the safety of all our residents. The Sheriff's Office conducts educational presentations for community groups on the growing dangers of gangs in Bergen County as well as the signs of gang activity to look for in your community.

K-9 Unit Demonstrations

The Sheriff’s Office maintains several K-9 teams to assist the BCSO and law enforcement agencies throughout the state in a broad range of tasks and situations. Each K-9 Team consists of an officer and a canine ‘partner’ that has been specially trained in a specific skill, such as bomb detection and narcotics searches. While the tools available to law enforcement grow increasingly sophisticated, K-9 officers and their partners remain one of the most effective resources the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office has at its disposal. In these demonstrations, our K-9 officers highlight the functions and capabilities of these highly trained and sophisticated dogs.

Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) Tours

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) is comprised of the Crime Scene Unit, Firearms Identification/Ballistics Unit, and the Detective Unit. Officers conduct informative tours on the day-to-day operations of this Bureau as well as how it uses cutting edge forensics and advanced investigative techniques to combat crime in Bergen County.

Bergen County Jail Tour

The Bergen County Jail serves the community as a central reception and processing center for pre-trial male and female adult detainees whose incarceration is necessary to ensure a court appearance. One of the state's finest correctional facilities with more than 320 Correction Officers and a capacity of 1,250 beds, students are provided a tour of this around-the-clock operation.


Jail Visitor Form


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