Community Release Programs

The Bergen County Work Release Administrator is responsible for the management, coordination, and supervision of the Sheriff’s Work Release Program, Home Custody Program, FamilyCare Release Program, Vocational Training Program, State Work Release Program, Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program [SLAP], Out-Side Inmate Labor Program, Juvenile Electronic Monitoring [BEM], and the Bail Enhancement Program. The County Work Release Administrator is also responsible for the facility management and supervision of the Community Release Center (CRC), a 65-bed male housing unit.

The assigned County Correction Officers have multi-functional duties, including the direct supervision of the inmates housed in the Community Release Center,the supervision of inmates ordered to the Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program, outside inmate labor work details, home and employment investigations, installation of home custody equipment, response to home custody violations, and notification of Juvenile Electronic Monitoring violations. Assigned personnel also process all Work Release and Home Custody applications. All municipal S.L.A.P. inmates are processed by the Work Release staff at the MainJail Circle three (3) days each week. Notificationis sent to the municipal defendant by Work Release staff via certified andregular mail, advising them when and where to report for processing.

The County Work Release Administrator is also responsiblefor notifying the Courts of all S.L.A.P. inmate violations, and for requesting the issuance of bench warrants for failure to comply with the Court’s order.