The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) is comprised of the Crime Scene Unit, Firearms Identification/Ballistics Unit, and the Detective Unit. All BCI duties and personnel fall under the command of the Captain in charge. The BCI building is located behind the Bergen County Jail complex, adjacent to the Hackensack River.

Crime Scene Unit (C.S.U.) personnel respond seven days a week, 24 hours a day to the scenes of burglaries, robberies, assaults, arsons, and homicides throughout Bergen County. They work directly with local law enforcement, collecting forensic evidence at crime scenes, and often testify in court as experts during criminal prosecutions. Upon request, C.S.U. personnel will also respond to surrounding counties and other jurisdictions to assist with crime scene investigations. The Firearms Identification / Ballistics Unit is responsible for receiving and processing all firearms evidence throughout Bergen County. Upon request, the Ballistics Unit will also receive and process firearms evidence submitted by surrounding counties or other jurisdictions. 

The Crime Scene Unit has grown in recent years into one of the most highly respected investigative units in the State of New Jersey. C.S.U. has received commendations from many cooperating agencies, including the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Transportation Safety Board, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, municipal law enforcement agencies, and many civilian organizations as well.  It is the goal of all C.S.U. personnel, in conjunction with the continued support of the Sheriff and his Command Staff, to not only maintain but surpass our present achievements, while providing greater service to the community. 

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Detective Unit also operates out of the Bureau of Criminal Investigations. The Detective Unit has grown to become a rapid and reliable source of manpower, information, and technical assistance to every law enforcement agency in Bergen County, as well as the surrounding region. Sheriff's Detectives are routinely assigned to assist local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in numerous investigative areas including fugitive apprehension, missing person cases, internal affairs investigations, monitoring gang activity, and conducting ‘Next of Kin’ background investigations for the Surrogate Court Judge.