The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Detective Unit has grown to become a rapid and reliable source of manpower, information, and technical assistance to every law enforcement agency in Bergen County, as well as the surrounding region.  Sheriff's Detectives are routinely assigned to assist local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in numerous investigative areas including fugitive apprehension, missing person cases, internal affairs investigations, monitoring gang activity and conducting ‘Next of Kin’ background investigations for the Surrogate Court Judge.

The Investigations Squad is responsible for investigating all incidents within the Bergen County Justice Complex, the Bergen County Jail, Bergen County Probation and the Bergen County Regional Medical Center Prisoner “D-1” Unit. Investigations Detectives also conduct Criminal Investigations within the County of Bergen and work with other law enforcement agencies - local, state and federal - by providing personnel and/or resources. Additionally, the Investigations Squad conducts all background investigations for sworn and civilian employees of the Sheriff’s Office.

The Investigations Squad is also tasked with:

  • Conducting all Next of Kin/Indigent Investigations for the Bergen County Surrogate Court.
  • Providing “VIN” verification to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Assets Forfeiture Unit on vehicles seized by law enforcement agencies in the county.
  • Conducting administrative investigations for the Sheriff’s Office and Employee Attendance Compliance/Sick Call investigations.
  • Providing paperwork, copies of criminal charges and incident reports to the Prosecutor’s Office for Sheriff’s Office cases that are presented to the Grand Jury.

One of the daily functions of the Detective Unit involves arrest warrant enforcement. Arrest warrants are received on a regular basis and assigned to teams of two detectives for execution.  Warrants are received from Superior and Municipal Courts, as well as from federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies.

Arrest warrants for the following types of offences are routinely executed by the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Detective Unit: Violation of Probation, Violation of Litigants Rights (Non-Support), Failure to Appear, State Parole Violations, Military Desertion (AWOL), fugitives from other states, Escape Warrants, and Civil Arrest Warrants.  

wice a year, a state-wide Chancery Raid is conducted, as per the State of New Jersey, Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development, IV-D Grant cooperative agreement. The raids are conducted by members of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office.