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Captain Steven Ahrendt -
Captain Steven Ahrendt has been employed by the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office since June 1995, assigned to the Corrections Division.  Captain Ahrendt oversees Jail Administration, Staff Resources, the Medical and Mental Health Units, Policy Development and Auditing, the Inmate Advocate’s Office, and Plant Maintenance.  Also included in his duties is serving as the Bergen County Jail’s Liaison Officer between County Counsel and the Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Prior to being promoted to Captain in April 2013, Ahrendt served as an Administrative Lieutenant and Squad Tour Commander.  Prior to that, he was assigned to the Jail Classification Unit, the Officer in Charge of the Records Division, and as a Tour Sergeant.

Captain Ahrendt holds a Bachelor of Arts from William Paterson College in Psychology/Sociology and Anthropology; a Master of Arts from Seton Hall University in Human Resources, Training, and Development; and a Doctorate of Law from the Seton Hall University School of Law.


Captain Brian Boyce - Captain Brian Boyce is a (24) year veteran of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office.  He began his career in 1990, a graduate of Corrections Academy Class #4.

Shortly after joining the Sheriff’s Office, Boyce was assigned to the Jail’s Classification Unit where he conducted interviews and investigations on all inmates who enter the jail, separating and assigning them to housing units in accordance with their classification status.

In 1996, Boyce was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and shortly thereafter was selected to oversee all security operations during the construction of the new Jail. In 2005, Boyce was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.  Within months of this new promotion, Boyce lead a contingent of (25) Officers from the Sheriff’s Office as they traveled to Louisiana to assist with policing duties, search & recovery efforts, and to provide aid in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

In 2008 Boyce took command of the Training and Recruitment Unit, where he oversaw all academy and in-service training for over 500 sworn and civilian employees, he supervised the agency’s Field Training Program, and directed and supervised all aspects of recruitment and hiring for the Sheriff’s Office.

Captain Boyce holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Bergen Community College.  Additionally, he completed Farleigh Dickinson University’s Certified Public Manager program, and is certified by the New Jersey Police Training Commission in Methods of Instruction.  He is a certified Firearms, Physical Fitness, and Chemical Agent Instructor.


Captain Michael Russo – Captain Michael Russo has been employed by the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office since 1996.  Captain Russo is assigned to the Corrections Division, where he oversees the Jail Records Unit, Classification Unit, Intake & Release, Inmate Discipline, Community Release Center, Drug Rehabilitation Unit, and Inmate Programs. 

Russo served on the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team as both an officer and a supervisor, providing tactical responses to emergency situations, and conducting high risk security transports.  In 2008 he was promoted to Sergeant.  In 2011 he was promoted to Lieutenant, and was assigned to the Jail Records Unit.

Captain Russo received a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Pace University and is a graduate of the FBI School of Leadership and Supervision.


​​Captain Anthony Borgognoni- Captain Borgognoni began his law enforcement career in 1992 as a corrections officer and maintained housing and security operations at the Bergen County Jail. He was also a member of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team. In 1995 Captain Borgognoni became a Sheriff’s Officer and was assigned to detective bureau and eventually the bureau of criminal identification.  In 2002 Captain Borgognoni was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in BCI where he remained until eventually being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant of the bureau. While in charge of BCI Captain Borgognoni demonstrate crime scene investigation expertise having testified numerous times in superior court. Captain Borgognoni is a Certified Public Manager in the state of New Jersey and has attending numerous leadership supervision courses in addition to have received numerous commendations, awards and certificates of appreciation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Captain Borgognoni also received the Dr. William Bass award for Outstanding Achievement in the field of Forensic Investigation and an Investigative Excellence award from the Bergen County Prosecutors. In July of 2014 Anthony was promoted the rank of Captain and is currently in charge of the Court Security Unit, Accreditation Unit, Training Unit and Community Outreach Unit. ​


Captain Gene Kolich- Captain Gene Kolich began his law enforcement career as corrections officer in the Bergen County Jail in 1992 as a corrections officer maintaining housing unit and security operations in the Bergen County jail. In 1995, Captain Kolich became a sheriff’s officer and assigned to court security and in 2004 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Captain Kolich’s leadership skills soon became easily recognized for his reorganized for his reorganization of the agency’s Archive Records Maintenance System. In 2008 Kolich 

was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to the Professional Standards Unit. In 2014 Sheriff Saudino promoted Lieutenant Gene Kolich to the rank of Captain.  A career law enforcement professional with 22 years of service with the Sheriff’s Office, Captain Kolich is a graduate of the FBI Leadership for Police Executives and is a Certified Public Manager in the State of New Jersey.  Captain Kolich currently supervises Homeland Security/Operations Division, Special Services and the Canine Units.